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King Wilkie's Dream

King Wilkie

What’s in a name? King Wilkie was Bill Monroe’s horse. King Wilkie’s Dream is a fiddle tune, written by our own John Niemann. The band, King Wilkie’s Dream, has little to do with the subject-matter of the tune, but everything to do with the musical thoughts and emanations of its four members, John Niemann – guitar, fiddle, mandolin, vocals, Shane Zack – mandolin, guitar, vocals, Vaughn Asselstine – bass, vocals, and Robbi Podrug – fiddle, vocals.

King Wilkie’s Dream (KWD) sets out to stretch musically and creatively, while entertaining in a way that transcends generations and connects with audiences. Whether it is an original song, a well-worn traditional number, or something from outside the genre of bluegrass, the tune receives the same attention to detail, resulting in the band’s New Sound, Big Noise.

King Wilkie’s Dream - Oh, a new band! Well, not really. Although our good looks may deceive (at least we’d like to think so), there are many musical experiences packed into the members’ varied, and sometimes long, musical histories. Bluegrass, blues, swing, Americana, country, tin pan alley, old time, and just a little pop are all represented in the music that you may hear from KWD. To find out how that all fits together, we invite you to check out our videos at www.kwdream.com , or, better yet, come see a show. It is energetic, fresh, and easy to listen to (as opposed to “easy-listening” which is something completely different). We hope to see you in the near future. Come see what the New Sound, Big Noise is all about!

Robbi Podrug, Eden Prairie MN
Phone: 612-562-8402