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Porcupine Creek

Porcupine Creek

Inspired by the legends of bluegrass, with subtle influence from new grass sounds of today, Porcupine Creek is made up of young talented musicians. The band covers bluegrass and gospel favorites and mixes in a few original songs, which pleases crowds of all ages.


The band formed in 2012 when the Ashworth and Birkeland kids all decided to compete in a Family Area talent contest at the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Associations (MBOTMA) August festival. Our group "Blue Chew" won the Saturday contest and we got to play a song on the main stage as a tweener act. Before performing in November 2012, we changed our name to Porcupine Creek. Since then, we've played at other festivals and various community events. During the summer of 2013, another fine musician, Holger Olesen, joined the band.


Members of Porcupine Creek include Jake Ashworth on banjo; Ben Ashworth on guitar; Derek Birkeland on vocals, guitar, fiddle and mandolin; Holger Olesen on vocals and resonator guitar; Sarah Birkeland on vocals and bass; and Dulcie Ashworth on vocals and fiddle. As they crank out their bluegrass music they're sure to make you smile and tap your toes.

Sarah Birkeland
Phone: 218-624-1781