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Timbre Junction

Timbre Junction

Timbre Junction has been together for about twelve years now and we’ve been working hard to develop our own unique sound. For us this has meant becoming familiar with each member’s own style both personal and musical, on stage and off. The group consists of four members: Mike Regouski on banjo, guitar and dobro, Stan Chew on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Amy Ferman on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, and Karen Radford on upright bass and vocals. Although the instrumentation is bluegrass, we like to mix it up with a variety of bluegrass, old time, classic country, and folk.

Mike’s banjo gives the group it’s definitive bluegrass sound. He is a self-taught Scrugg’s style banjo player and he really has a passion to play. His love of the music comes out in his aggressive style of playing. Mike has been playing the banjo for over thirty years and his driving banjo defines the tone and style of much of the music we play. The dobro has been a more recent addition to the group, allowing for additional variety in sound and style. Mike also enjoys working up many of the instrumental arrangements for the group.

Amy has been playing the fiddle for about four and one half years, but she is no stranger to the music scene. Amy has been playing music for nearly thirty years and in addition to fiddle, she plays banjo, guitar and bass. She has played in various bluegrass and country bands over the years and enjoys working in her home music studio. Amy’s lead vocals and harmony singing are a great addition to the group.

Stan is  a great addition both instrumentally and vocally. Originally from Maryland but living in many locations both nationally and internationally, Stan has developed a broad musical background. Stan's relaxed and fun approach to making music reflects Timbre Junction's style and his contributions range from bluegrass to folk, blues and western swing.

Karen played the bass in elementary through senior high school and thought she’d never play again after graduation. What a surprise when her uncle called her about an opportunity to play in a band about fifteen years ago and she accepted! Even though Karen’s bass holds the beat of the music, it is the singing that she really enjoys. The variety of music the group plays allows her to try on many different vocal styles from country crooning to driving bluegrass to the cowboy yodel.

What is really great about Timbre Junction is our enthusiasm for making music. When we get together to play, you can really feel the energy in each song. We thoroughly enjoy the music we make together and we hope you will too.

Karen Radford
Phone: 612-623-0261