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Sarah Mae & The Birkeland Boys

Sarah Mae & The Birkeland Boys

Sarah Mae and the Birkeland Boys are a family band from Minnesota that blends "relative" harmonies with a toe-tapping mix of original and bluegrass cover songs.

The band's namesake, Sarah Mae, taught herself how to play the upright bass at the tender age of 12. And when she isn't plucking in a jam session or on stage, she impresses audiences and spectators alike with her ability to haul the heaviest and bulkiest member of the violin family around--an impressive sight unto itself given her diminutive stature!

The rest of the band is made up of Derek, Sarah's older brother, who is a past finalist in the Minnesota Old-Time Music Fiddle Contest. He also plays guitar, mandolin and sings harmony and lead vocals. Younger brother Adam picks along on the resonator guitar and adds vocals to the mix. And the oldest member of the group -- their dad, Mike, rounds out the 'Boys' section in the band. He plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals. His original songs about life, faith and family tug heartstrings and touch the soul.

Sarah Mae and the Birkeland Boys are sure to please audiences of all musical tastes and ages as they mix the sweet sound of bluegrass with engaging harmonies, a kindred spirit and a dry twist of humor.

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Sarah Birkeland
Phone: 218-624-1781