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S R Dugan

S R Dugan

"A magical musical adventure full of meaningful lyrics...very well written and very well vocalized... a delight..." - Bob Everhart, Country Music News International

Born and raised in the Midwest, S R Dugan has recently returned to his roots both geographically - to Minnesota - and musically - to the acoustic music genres of folk, bluegrass and gospel in his proprietary musical blend. HIs 2010 indie release, "Memorial Lane" includes appearances by the inimitable Becky Buller (‘Tween Earth And Sky named #1 Album Of 2014 by Bluegrass Today) and Grammy award-winning producer Jason Burkum on bass and backing vocals, among many other talented artists and collaborators.

The latest S. R. Dugan project entitled "Sojourner" is a rootsy acoustic exploration of significance and solace.  Follow the progress of this full-length release on Facebook and Twitter to be released in Summer 2015.





Shawn Dugan, Norwood MN
Phone: 952-737-7705