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Cousin Dad

Cousin Dad

When you first hear Cousin Dad play you'll see what at first appears to be a typical bluegrass band, but when the music begins you'll be greeted with a very atypical joy and animation in performing. Here are no stiff-jointed, glazed-eyed bluegrass purists, but a loose and limber romp into Latin country blues, jazz, fiddle tunes, bluegrass, Motown, and old-timey. They play the songs they love and they love to play together: that is the great fun of a Cousin Dad performance.

What other string band would combine the "Good Bad and Ugly" theme with Lead Belly's "When I Was a Cowboy" or play the fiddle tune "Whiskey Before Breakfast" in Latin jazz beat? You will hear great originals and clever arrangements of familiar tunes that will set your ear on its ear. They will rock out; they will pick a driving bluegrass song with soulful harmonics or fiddle a sweet waltz. How many bass players can play the lead on fiddle tunes? Pete Mathison can and he plays it on an upright bass.

Finally, a Cousin Dad performance has an easy warmth like a late night jam session after all the music prudes have gone to bed - the joyful music that erupts from a group of friends at 4 am around the camp fire.

John Soderburg
Phone: 763-441-7382