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Tony Rook Band

Tony Rook Band

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tony Rook is no bluegrass novice. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 12, rocking out in the local music scene before returning to his bluegrass roots. Tony, now a multi-instrumentalist, describes his music as “incredibly personal.” His songs convey real-life experiences and hardships through soulful lyrical arrangements and intricate guitar riffs. His album “Labor of Love,” released in 2000 with Rook & Wood, garnered much recognition in the bluegrass community and inspired Tony to continue to push his musical boundaries.

In his debut solo project “The Road Back Home,” released in March 2016, Tony showcases his singer/songwriter skills with eight original tracks of contemporary bluegrass featuring award-winning artists such as Becky Buller, Matt Flinner, and Dick Kimmel & Co.

Tony Rook Band members are Brent Fuqua on mandolin and vocals, Terry Johnson on bass and vocals, and Graham Sones on banjo and vocals. Brent brings a modern approach to his playing. He’s a strong instrumentalist whose creativity, enthusiasm and energy helps drive TRB. As its bassist, Terry is TRB’s backbone. Graham brings a driving banjo to the quartet. He’s extremely versatile and can easily shift from melodic fiddle tunes to a straight-ahead Scruggs style.

Tony Rook, New Prague, MN
Phone: 612-669-3511