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Spiritwood Homesteaders

Spiritwood Homesteaders

Terry and Linda Schwartz a Midwestern singing duo, show their versatility by changing their style of entertainment to fit the flavor of the crowd. They have a kaleidoscope of songs that have a pleasant, down home and earthy warmth about love , family, and their farming way of life. Terry has been a poet and songwriter for most of his life, playing his guitar by constant request of family and friends for many local events. It wasn’t until the last five years did he produce his songs on a CD called “Life’s a One Way Road” with the help of his wife, Linda and several friends and family. Once you start to hear some of his songs, you will always feel like “the Schwartz is with you!”

Terry and Linda started singing together when he found someone that could “make him sound pretty good” with her ability to blend her voice to his in a warm, harmonic quality. Linda compliments their teamwork with her banjo and occasional harmonica. They special featured in the 2012 Medora Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Linda Schwartz, Jamestown ND
Phone: 701-659-3154