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Minnesota Blue

Minnesota Blue

Minnesota Blue is a group of friends that has been getting together since 2004 to perform the music they love. Fiddler and featured vocalist, Barb Yotter, has been a performing bluegrass musician for the last 15 years and long time member of Backroads Junction. Originally from Houston, TX, guitarist, Kelton Parrish, grew up on bluegrass music and took up guitar while still in his teens. He played in several bluegrass and gospel bands before relocating to the Twin Cities and plays the same 1936 Martin Guitar his father played. Paul Johnson, dobro, is an avid folk musician who has played in numerous bands across the Twin Cities for the last 20 years as both a klezmer and bluegrass band member. He is also a composer/arranger and recently served as music director of the May Day Celebration staged by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theater. Scott Nye, has been playing since he was a lad in elementary school and also a member of Backroads Junction. Visit their website at http://minnesotablue.com.

Kelton Parrish, Roseville MN
Phone: 651-697-0209