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The Gated Community

The Gated Community

The Gated Community is a countryish, bluegrassish band that takes inspiration from all deities.  Our repertoire is almost completely original, but also includes a large number of heavily reworked covers — our hope, for legal reasons, is that you won't be able to tell the difference. The songs, mostly written by Sonny Mackintosh, address the four universal, Platonic themes of love, art, politics, and science.

The band's fearless leader, Sonny, is a natural emcee and has a knack for getting the crowd confused, to the point of transcendence.  His enthusiasm for the music spreads like a virus; it is hard not to fall ill, delirious with country madness, when he is performing.

Lead singer, Katie Williams, has a singing voice that will pierce your heart and remind you of the sweet scent of rose petals and the hardness of reinforced concrete.

The instrumentation of the band is eclectic, sometimes accenting the electrical, sometimes the mechanical, sometimes the petrochemical.  As Phil Nussbaum once very aptly said, "The Gated Community.  They live where you can't go."  But we'd still like to take you home with us.


Sumanth Gopinath, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-332-2006