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The Flemming Fold

The Flemming Fold

The Flemming Foldis an exciting and versatile family music group from Southern Minnesota.  They perform a wide variety of high-energy, toe-tapping music including Americana (bluegrass, country, old-time, gospel...) and Alpine folk music with yodeling.  This dynamic family group consists of songwriting duo, Troy and Sandra Flemming, and their two beautiful daughters.  Troy, aka "The Yodelmeister," yodels with such beauty and intensity that audience members regularly assume he is from Austria or Germany.  Troy is also known for his outstanding finger-style guitar playing.  Sandra is an accomplished singer/songwriter and a lively piano accordionist.  Their 11 year-old daughter plays both mandolin and fiddle and sings, while her 9 year-old sister sings and plays the upright bass.  Audiences are continually amazed at the level of poise and professionalism that these young sisters display while entertaining.  Although Troy's energetic, soaring yodels cause quite a sensation whenever he performs, he is often upstaged by his daughters with their youthful charm, mastery of their instruments, and beautiful vocal harmonies!

Aside from their wonderful music, Troy, Sandra, and the girls enjoy the art of entertaining and making a strong connection with their audiences.  For them, a performance is a great success when everyone has had a good laugh, and shed a tear.  This multi-talented family has been featured on the radio and national television several times, has performed in more than 550 concerts to date, and has fans all around the world. 

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Troy Flemming
Phone: 952-758-7522