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Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone began several years ago as a friendly neighborhood “jam” band and has evolved into a semi-professional ensemble playing festivals, community events, weddings, private parties and coffee houses. Their favorite habitat is from the South of the River suburbs in the Twin Cities area all the way to Red Wing, Minnesota.

The band clearly loves classic Bluegrass and Old-Time tunes and enjoys playing together. The “comfort zone” of this band comes through in the music they play.

The members of Long Time Gone are Ben Manning (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Katryn Conlin (string bass, vocals), Leo Rosenstein (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Barry St. Mane (banjo), and Mike Hildebrandt (fiddle, mandolin, vocals).

Stop by the band's website, www.longtimegoneband.com, to learn more about the band and hear tracks from their CD, "Leavin' Home."

Ben Manning
Phone: 651-448-8216